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This legit makes me want to cry because I have *never* seen a picture of an older trans man naked.  It’s always young guys, usually much younger than me.  It’s like we don’t have a future, an adulthood, a middle age, an old age.  It’s like we just stop.

As a trans man who’s well past the age (and transition status) of ~sexxay tranz boiz~, pictures like this give me some kind of hope.  We’re not just one image stuck in time, snapshot of a skinny white andro urban-queer young trans dude with perfect top surgery scars, poster boys for young radical queerdom.  We’re not all Youth.  We live in more than two dimensions, and one of them is time.

Older queers tend to fall off the map full stop.  Trans people, even more so.  But we don’t disappear once we stop being, basically, fashionable. Supporting our young people is important, but we need to show them we have a future, too.

I literally cannot envision my own future.  There are no images of older men like me.

One image obviously can’t address all the lacks in representation, much less one image of a hot skinny (apparently?) white man.  But just to have that one extra factor in there, of age, it’s - it’s important. 

More, please.

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